Mac Doulani Tailors Goa
Mens Suits:
Bespoke Tailoring:

The definition of the word bespoke comes from bespoken giving the characteristic of choice.

This in tailoring terms means to design clothing from a blank canvas, the client adding his own individual choice of styling to those of the skilled cutter.

The cutter will work in tangent with the client's waistcoat maker, coat-maker and trousers maker adjusting the pattern at the various stages of making thus creating the perfect paper pattern.

Bespoke suits:
Each client has his own individual patterns, therefore all our suits are tailored in our in-house workshop wherein all the steps involved in making the suit are done under the same premises thus assuring very high quality accurate fitting.

We pride ourselves on using natural fabrics throughout the garment giving strength and durability which increases the lifespan of the product. Each part of the process is undertaken by a skilled tailor who gives the utmost attention and care to every detail of the suit. We have over 2,000 suiting materials from Italy and the UK. Our collection covers almost every type of suiting material Be it Super 100's, 110's, 120's, 150's or 180's wool, flannel or even tweed in all sorts of colors and patterns. View our online catalog to get a glimpse of what is available. It would be impossible to show all our stock online however the online catalog displays some of the most common suiting fabrics chosen by our customers. We specialize in all types of suits be it formal suits, work suits, dinner suits/ tuxedos, casual/ linen suits.

You can choose your own fabric and also modify any of the following features.

• Lapel Type
• Number of buttons - i.e. 2, 3 buttons or 4 button suit.
• Location and style of pockets
• Number of vents on jacket
• Number of pleats on trousers
• Type of fit - i.e. loose, regular or fitted

Basically any feature of your suit is customized to your preference and fitted to your body shape and size.

In addition each suit comes complete with the following features

• Fine canvas interfacing to provide a natural feel and easy flowing fit.
• Hand-sewn sleeves and collar.
• Hand-embroidered initials or full name inside suit jacket.
• Hand-picked and matched linings and buttons.
• Hand-made buttonholes.

Types of Suites :
- Single Breasted
- Double Breasted
- Tuxedos
- Overcoats

After sales care is also part of our policy and therefore we allocate substantial inlays to adjust in latter years.