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Ladies Fashion Accessories:

Fashion Accessories are essential part of every woman's wardrobe. Women Fashion accessories provide enlightenment into individualistic concepts of fashion. When we talk about fashion accessories, they cover a wide range of fashinable items that supplement one's garment. Accessories complete a woman's look. Accessories add style, color, glamor and class to an outfit. Women use fashion accessories not just to adorn themselves, but also to reinstate a fashion statement that is unique.
Eye Wear:

Eyewear forms an integral part of every woman fashion accessory. Today, women wear glasses as a tool for vision correction and a fashion accessory. Chic and glamorous sun shades add to the overall persona of a woman. Sunglasses are styled according to the changing demands of women's fashion wear and the personal choice of women the world over.

A huge variety of eye glasses are available with designer frames, special effect contact lenses and stylish sunglasses. Contact lenses are available in many shades and sometimes are worn to match or contrast with the outfit. Contact lenses are a good alternative to eye glasses and women are increasingly using contact lenses as a fashion accessory and for vision defects. The contact lenses have many varieties with the popular ones being daily wear, disposable and toric lenses.

Women fashion sunglasses are the latest fashion craze. They define the fashion statement of a woman and represent attitude and personality. The stylish sunglasses are essential for health reasons and to complement the outfit. The sunglasses protect the wearer from the harmful ultra violet rays of the sun. Sunglasses are also used to prevent aging caused due to natural elements.
Fashion Belt :

A Fashion Belt is a flexible band, typically made of leather or heavy cloth, and worn around the waist. Belts are an integral part of every Western outfit - be it jeans or dresses or trousers. Belts support trousers or other articles of clothing and serve as style and fashion accessories.

Belts are made of leather, cloth, jute, velvet, velor, silk, plastic, etc. They are adorned with rhinestones, beads, metal chains, tassels, studs, rivets and patches. The belts are available in many shades and styles.

Materials Used for Fashion Belts:

Fashion Belts Types:

Beaded Belts
Braided Belts
Gaucho Belts
Fashion Waist Belts
Reversible Belts
Sash Belts
Fashion Caps & Hats :

Fashion Caps & Hats are close-fitting head coverings. They may be of two kinds (a) having no brim (b) having a visor. Caps & Hats occupy a significant place amongst women's fashion accessories. Caps & Hats are usually teamed with casual outfits, and they are just right for social gatherings. Women choose caps to make bold, carefree fashion statements. Caps & Hats are available in many colors and designs.
Materials Used for Fashion Caps

Caps & Hats are available in materials like:
Fashion Gloves :

Gloves cover hands and have separate sheaths or openings for each finger and the thumb. Fingerless gloves have an opening but no covering sheath for each finger. Gauntlets are fingerless gloves with one large opening. Gloves which cover the entire hand but do not have separate finger openings or sheaths are called mittens.

Gloves are used for warmth, as a fashion accessory and as a design statement. Gloves are made of wool, velvet, leather, silk, lace, acrylic and rubber. Gloves have an internal lining of satin, silk or velor and sometimes have padding as well.

Types of Women Gloves:
The different types of women gloves are:
Evening Gloves
Formal Gloves
Semi Formal Gloves

Gloves can also be differentiated on the basis of the time of the day that they are worn. Women's gloves for formal and semi-formal wear are available in three different types:
Matinee gloves are gloves that only come up to the wrist.
Elbow length gloves cover the arm upto the elbows.
Opera gloves are full length gloves that go over the elbow and cover the arm upto the biceps.

Women's Watches:

Watches are the easiest way of keeping time and the most common type of watch is the wristwatch. It is worn on the wrist and fastened with a watch strap or watchband or a bracelet. The watch strap or bracelet is made of real or synthetic leather, metal, nylon, or even ceramic.

Women wrist watches are the latest fashion accessory. Watch companies are manufacturing watches based on occasions, festivals and specifically for the wearer. The new designs are color coordinated with the outfits. Women wear watches for telling time and also as a piece of adornment or jewelry.

Women watches have different shaped dials and wrist bands. The watch movements are also different for each type of watch and are of different types: mechanical, tuning fork, electronic and radio controlled movements. Watches are powered either by batteries or light(photovoltaic cells) or sometimes by solar power.

Fashion Stoles:

Fashion stoles are gaining popularity as fashion accessories. They may be described as long, narrow scarves. However, stoles are longer than a scarf, though not as long as a shawl. Ideally, stoles are seven to ten centimeters wide and two to three meters long. They impart a subtle sophistication to the wearer and are perfect fashion accessories which complement a woman's ensemble. Stoles can be worn to flashy formal gatherings as well as subdued casual occasions.

Stoles add grace to a woman's overall appearance. These fashion accessories can be worn in different ways. They can be draped around the shoulders or tied around the neck for a chic look. Stoles can also be worn on one shoulder for a casual effect. They are available in many colors and designs.

Fashion Stoles Types:
There are many types of ladies fashion stoles. Here, we will take a look at the most common ones.
Check/Striped Stoles
Hand-Embroidered Stoles
Plain Stoles

Fashion Scarves:

A scarf is usually a square or rectangular piece of cloth, often long and narrow and is worn on the head, around the neck and other parts of the body as per the fashion trend. They are functional yet stylish. Women wear scarf for warmth as well as for fashion. In fact, they are an essential fashion accessory that are suitable for every season.

In winters, scarves are worn to protect the head and neck from biting cold. In cold climates, a knitted scarf, popularly known as muffler is also used as a protection. But in summers, the scarves can used in any style for fashion.

Fabrics Used in Women Scarves:
A wide variety of high quality fabrics are used for making scarves of various designs and styles. Some of the common fabrics used are:

Fashion Bags:

Ladies fashion bags are one of the most popular accessories present in the market. Ladies bags are used to store and hold personal items. Bags are usually made of leather, plastic, rexine, jute, fabrics, etc. Ladies bags are also called handbags and come in different shapes, designs and styles. Each outfit requires a matching handbag and thus, it is seen that a fashionable woman would have multiple bags for different types of occasions and outfits. Fashion clothing and Fashion bags go hand-in-hand.

Types of Fashion Bags:

Bags vary from small ones, like purses to large ones that are used for shopping or traveling. The different types of ladies bags that are available are:
Fashion Beach Bags
Bridal Bags
Ladies Clutch Bags
Womens Handbags
Womens Shoulder Bags
Fashion Tote Bags
Jute Bags

Fashion Shawls:

Shawls were originally designed with the concept of protecting individuals from severe cold. But today, they are not only a necessity but also a stylish fashion accessory for women. Shawls are the height of fashion today offering a feminine, pretty look as well as functionality. Artistically designed and finely crafted women's fashion shawls glorify every occasion. The styles and patterns of fashion shawls are so fascinating that they make heads turn. Shawls had been in fashion since centuries all across the globe.

Fabric Used in Fashion Shawls:
As shawls are a must have fashion accessory in the modern days, they need to be woven from fine quality fabrics that can suit every occasion. Some of the fabrics used for making fashion shawls include:
Blended Fabrics