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This trade has been in the family for the last four generations since 1960, Mac’s great grand father Mr. Satramdas started this trade as a cloth merchant and tailoring in Karachi. The trade was passed on to his son Mr. Purshottamdas who also trained in Chellaram's (one of the most popular stores for handmade custom clothes in India.). He opened up his store in Ooty which was a very popular summer holiday destination for the British in India. The trade was then taken over by his son, Mr Kanayalal who also operated in a five star hotel.

Now Mahesh (Mac) is continuing his family business and has settled in Goa for the last 20 years. His store in Nizmar Resorts Calangute (Goa) is in operation for the last 10 years. Mac has been catering to the European clients for 20 years now . He has also done many Goan weddings and is therefore quite popular for quality handcrafted clothing among the Goans aswell.

At Mac’s we strive to provide clothing of top notch quality at reasonable prices with excellent service, privacy and comfort. We offer a wide collection of international luxury cloths specially from Italy, also the basic and semi luxury cloths are not neglected so as to make shopping a pleasurable experience for all occasions.

The exclusive store has evolved to include accesories like premium leather Italian shoes for men and women, designer ties, belts and cufflinks.